Indigo Native Nursery

We are an established wholesale/retail nursery, specialising in the production of quality local provenance native plants of Sydney. We grow the species that are hard to find . Our other main activity is providing Bushland Restoration Services as Australian Bushland Restoration P/L.

We grow a variety of tubestock species, encompassing coastal and woodland areas:

– trees
– shrubs
– ground covers/climbers
– grasses/sedges

We pride ourselves on ethical seed collection and propagation to produce plants of the highest quality possible. We have an experienced background in native plant production, so please come and visit and we will be happy to assist and advise you with your choice of plants.

Indigo Nursery supplies plants to local councils in the Northern Sydney region as well as bush regenerators, landscapers and to the general public. We undertake contract work for the private and government sectors.